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  • Just a simple bun. Make sure you are not using foam, hairspray, mouse, teasing or elastic. They are a great way to prevent damage and keep hair cleaner longer.

  • Foam has a way of tightly tangling your hair, in some cases it may need to be cut out.

  • Don't overlap bands tightly over hair. The less you cinch hair with elastic the better.

  • Avoid chemicals. Toxins kill cells, your scalp is a living part of your body. Perms, bleach and dyes etc.. Hot irons can literally burn your hair right off, be very careful. Even the chemicals it takes to protect your hair from that heat will leave your hair very dry, lifeless and brittle.

  • Eat a balanced healthy diet, avoiding additives. Black pepper is a good spice to supplement hair health. B vitamins, biotin, pantothenic acid are highly recommended.

  • Avoid stress. Sleep well, try to keep hair from tangles while sleeping if you notice trouble with them in the morning. Don't use fabric softeners or highly perfumed detergents. An upper bun without elastic or pins can help mornings be tangle free.

  • Avoid excessive combing and brushing, instead stimulate the scalp with fingertips then let your fingers detangle. Get a wide toothed comb.

  • Use leave in conditioners. Many rinse out kinds are waxy. Lighter oils seem to smooth the hair strands better.

  • Make sure your shampoo doesn't make your hair feel clumped together when rinsing. These could be too high in degreasing agents. Avoid highly perfumed shampoos. I use fruit and oil based shampoos trying to avoid the harmful chemicals. I like Aussie shampoo and It's a 10 leave in conditioner.

  • Wear a hat or scarf in the sun, try to be in the shade.

  • Do put hair up when working in the wind, sweeping or when it is hot and sweaty. Air dry hair as often as possible.

  • When drying hair, get close to the scalp first with a towel, massage scalp, flatten hair and pat it dry, try not to rub the hair. Spread hair over a towel. Finger comb frequently.

  • Avoid small tight braids. They look easy, but they tangle pretty easily as they get removed.

  • Tangles in general can bruise the scalp. Too much pulling on segments of the hair over time may create scared

spots that fail to rejuvenate the blood flow of broken vessels. Follicles need to keep attached to remain able to support hair growth.

A great way to express your craftiness and creativity. Just decorate any band, approximately 5 inches by 1 inch, with anything you design. Take a picture with, submit it with the contest form. Later with a months worth of entries, I will post a poll on the blog. Invite you friends and family to vote, no restrictions. The one with the most votes wins. See the post of the Two Bling Starter Kits I have on, those are the two kits you win and a $50 gift card.

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