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As a person with long fine hair, all my life I was in a quest to finda hair styling product that could hold my hair securely and comfortably.I was never able to find a good hair bun maker. I either had too much or too little hair. With my active lifestyle, the only things that kind of worked were braids, ponytails, and the claw combs. Needless to say the were fine at the moment they were set, but just a little wind or water, they would droop, tug or get seriously tangled in my hair, and would require hours to remove. The braids left my hair looking really bad with sloppy waves. I have been a machinist for several years, so the urgency of getting to work on time meant less time to do other things when having to mess with my hair daily.I took my experience of knowing how to do perms (as I grew up) with my CAD programing skills to design a hair holding product. It worked much better than I even thought it could!I got a 3D printer, printed several models until I found the best shape, proportions and sizes. I went a head started producing this product developing a business to try to help others with the same problems I have had. These product are now produced with injection molds to keep cost down and  to use the very best quality long lasting material so they wont break. 

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