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Long Hair Buns Using Holdi-Locks® for Style & Manageability

How many times have you or someone you know got their hair done at a beauty parlor,

then found out in order to make the hairstyle look the same way after the next shower you would actually need someone to help do the back. Or after using a hot iron the hair begins to feel dry and crunchy.

It is nice to have that style, but at the cost of frying the hair can be a bad idea. I see a pattern of harsh maintenance and the need for hair extensions.

The mission of Holdi-locks® is to preserve and restore hair health. The amount of hairstyles attainable is very generous with Holdi-locks®

  • Do your research. Heat is very damaging and so many have over processed hair. Hair is like an antenna, we are energy beings, longer hair can help with positive stimulation of overall health.

Kind of like what grounding does.

Even if you are looking for a short hair style, a bun is a better way to achieve a short hair look without the long term commitment.

  • Wearing an up do can conceal color transitions, allowing you to go back to a natural color inexpensively.

  • Having a more relaxed style that is put up can actually make older people look younger,

  • If you are not getting job offer results from interviews, the best way to look more professional is in a up do.

  • Men are still attracted to ladies with updos, there are many ways to make them more romantic, fun, and wispy looking. They are more entertained by watching hair being let done, it adds to the mystery.

  • Repeatable looks that are easy to do, and carry around without electricity are much less stressful.

  • Hair that remains tangle free and comfortable all day can reduce stress hormones also.

Make 2024 the year you start achieving healthier hair with less stress while avoiding irritations on the face and getting more done.

Holdi-locks low bun for more fun
Holdi-Locks low-bun enjoying nature


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