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Why your hair wont grow

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Holdi-Locks® is different than any other hair holder in extremely helpful ways! It enables many hairstyles. Can attach 2 together to hold larger amounts of hair. It is smooth with no teeth or aggravating pressure points. It maneuvers easily, reducing tangles. No need for an assistant. Reduces breakage from friction and droopy redoes thru the day. Less handling, and better hold. The attaching mechanism, such as the tethered button, allows replacing just an elastic band, not having to buy a whole new product that wears otherwise would wear out over time. A huge money saver! If ever stuck, it can be removed easily

by removing a slip knot. No need to replace a broken product. Other styles such as a floppy ponytail (Pony-O) will get tangled, and sponge bun makers are too grippy, hair gets stuck to it badly. Braids cause a lot of friction; hair still rubs on the back and has harsh bends they crosscut hair. Made of a high-quality material that lasts and will not get brittle or crumble. Secure holds are best to protect hair. A stronger product has a definite all day hold without falling out.

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