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Hair Loss, Don't Let It Happen

  • Just a simple bun. Make sure you are not using foam, hairspray, mouse, teasing or elastic. They are a great way to prevent damage and keep hair cleaner longer.

  • Foam has a way of tightly tangling your hair, in some cases it may need to be cut out.

  • Don't overlap bands tightly over hair. The less you cinch hair with elastic the better.

  • Avoid chemicals. Toxins kill cells, your scalp is a living part of your body. Perms, bleach and dyes etc.. Hot irons can literally burn your hair right off, be very careful. Even the chemicals it takes to protect your hair from that heat will leave your hair very dry, lifeless and brittle.

  • Eat a balanced healthy diet, avoiding additives. Black pepper is a good spice to supplement hair health. B vitamins, biotin, pantothenic acid are highly recommended.

  • Avoid stress. Sleep well, try to keep hair from tangles while sleeping if you notice trouble with them in the morning. Don't use fabric softeners or highly perfumed detergents. An upper bun without elastic or pins can help mornings be tangle free.

  • Avoid excessive combing and brushing, instead stimulate the scalp with fingertips then let your fingers detangle. Get a wide toothed comb.

  • Use leave in conditioners. Many rinse out kinds are waxy. Lighter oils seem to smooth the hair strands better.

  • Make sure your shampoo doesn't make your hair feel clumped together when rinsing. These could be too high in degreasing agents. Avoid highly perfumed shampoos. I use fruit and oil based shampoos trying to avoid the harmful chemicals. I like Aussie shampoo and It's a 10 leave in conditioner.

  • Wear a hat or scarf in the sun, try to be in the shade.

  • Do put hair up when working in the wind, sweeping or when it is hot and sweaty. Air dry hair as often as possible.

  • When drying hair, get close to the scalp first with a towel, massage scalp, flatten hair and pat it dry, try not to rub the hair. Spread hair over a towel. Finger comb frequently.

  • Avoid small tight braids. They look easy, but they tangle pretty easily as they get removed.

  • Tangles in general can bruise the scalp. Too much pulling on segments of the hair over time may create scared

spots that fail to rejuvenate the blood flow of broken vessels. Follicles need to keep attached to remain able to support hair growth.

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Having longer hair can lead to a boost in personal power.

Having long hair can be a powerful way to express one's identity. It has been a sign of strength and beauty in various cultures for centuries.

The beauty industry encourages continual spending by pushing consumers to buy items and services that must be kept up regularly. Companies have taken advantage of people's desire to grow their hair. They sell products that claim to help but actually do more harm than good.

Rather than actually helping people achieve their hair beauty goals, they make false promises and sell ineffective products. Many women have decided to cut their hair short out of frustration. This will cost them more in the long run. The time and money it takes to keep their hair looking good will be considerable. As hair grows out, and / or the perms lose their ability to hold, the trips to the beauty salon will be a constant expense. If at any point they want a long hair style, they have three choices. Growing it out, hair growth is difficult and time consuming. Use hair extensions, they are difficult to use and expensive. If they choose wearing a wig, it can be difficult to stay in place. Many wigs do not look or feel natural. The wigs that do are expensive. Most are uncomfortable to wear.

With natural longer hair, a simple trim is all the extra maintenance hair needs. The hair holding options available now because of Holdi-Locks® will give you the look you want and protect your hair. Up until now, very little consideration was ever given to the function of hair accessories. It was never meant for people to have hairstyles that felt secure, were comfortable, and remain tangle free when wearing them. Having customers that require continual upkeep is actually a power grab, it doesn't promote self-sufficiency.

Now your hair accessories and bun maker can actually be made to fit, feel secure, and you can even decorate them for a personalized look. When hair is supported like a perm roller, it feels very comfortable, as if you have nothing in your hair. That is what inspired Holdi-Locks®. The idea was to make a product that holds like a perm roller. Use all or just a segment of your hair, either way it is possible to make a variety of hairstyles. The difference is Holdi-Locks® is flexible, flat, connectable and smooth. With so many problems solved, now your time and effort can be used elsewhere.

Are you or your child artistic? Why not show the world these masterpieces on your barrette in your hair. Don't worry, they can be removed easily to be stored for later. The freedom to choose any color, texture, design that can be put on your custom barrette opens up a huge opportunity to express your personality. Create a collection, you only need one barrette to apply any of your collected blings, that you bought or made. The ability to communicate your values has influence and power.

Why waste time searching for just the right accent? Enjoy quality family time or have a rewarding hobby of creating your own accessories. Want to use embroidery to design more than just clothes and throw pillows? Now you can display stunning designs, your monogram, your logos or whatever you want on the most visible asset, your hair. If your hair is short, you will miss out on this fun. At the best you could wear a hat, but that would cover all the fuss you spent on your hair.

Hair pin barrettes were popular in the 70's. They are a trend that is coming back. Most are metal now, they used to be made out of leather. Decorative barrettes either require a lot of hair to hold, or they only hold a little hair. It is very rare for them to hold just the right amount. They get damaged easily. It is also very hard to find a style that you absolutely want. They are sold as is, you can't easily change their look or the way they hold. It has always been an overlooked need in the beauty industry to make barrettes and hair bun makers that function in a way that fits a variety of hair types.

The hair holders on the market left hair with ugly folds or just looks awful when you took them out. With Holdi-Locks®, hair looks great, even after they are removed. There is no need to restyle hair afterwards to go out. If you can draw attention, you can have more influence and power. With all the maintenance it takes short haired people to do to their hair, it must be frustrating when a person with beautiful long hair gets more attention.

The mission of Holdi-Locks® is to empower your everyday life. To reduce the chaos of having to depend on appointments in order to have manageable beautiful hair. To give you confidence. To make you comfortable and enable you to express your feelings. To help reduce hair loss and damage. To keep hair from causing pain and headaches. To eliminate the irritation of hair getting into the eyes. To secure hair when exposed in an environment that is harmful  having loose hair. To preserve the beauty of the hair and look beautiful wearing them. Reduce the need of frequent hair washing. Hair can stay clean longer when it is not exposed to the elements while working. Freeing up time, to look your best with no more bad hair tangles.

With better tools, you can get more accomplished. When you bend over forward with a regular ponytail, it often gets in the way. A ponytail made with a Holdi-Locks® will stay flat on the back when you bend forward. You can make a low hair bun to keep your hair from getting tangled and still be able to put a helmet on. The things that seemed difficult before because no other hair product worked, are easy now. Don't miss out on activities because it was too hard to put your hair up in a way that works.

Holdi-Locks® is a woman owned company, making products in America. New products are coming, especially for very fine hair. A variety of styles are already available. Whether you have thick hair or fine, unlock the power you need to attain your beauty goals and get more done.

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