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Now they are available in black with the new sizes Medium and X-Small. They are all compatible to connect if needed.

These sizes are specifically for fine to very fine hair.

If only Holdi-Locks the tangle free for hair care tool could have been known, I have seen parents struggle to make hair without Holdi-Locks tangle free too many times. I have always hated to see anyone experience the pain of detangling, tugging, and the constant pressure of clips pushing on the scalp. Hair care is an every day thing, so why does it have to be so painful? Now those days are coming to a close, thankfully. With Holdi-Locks®, the only time you may need to contend with tangles, is after washing your hair or anytime it is not protecting your hair. No more counting the moments to when you can finally take that clip out of your hair. Wearing Holdi-Locks® is so comfortable, you can even sleep with it in. The nice thing about wearing a rolled bun, it allows hair to keep essential moisturizing oils on the hair without looking or feeling greasy. The firm rubber will not get stained or need to be washed and dried like other disposable spongy or cloth bun makers. It is so much easier to roll, having a nice firm feel. Unlike cloth or foam which are much harder to control, and often requires someone to do it up for you. Even so, they don't latch as securely and hair can get terribly caught on them. Doing hair up takes a bit of practice, so why do it more than once a day? Holdi-Locks | Tangle Free get it for the ones you wish didn't need to spend time like this gif.

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