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Break Free From Tangles

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Don't break hair anymore.

Control hair the comfortable & stylish way

Too much heat will make dry, frizzy and poofy hair. The shine will dull. Let hair airdry as much as possible. Holdi-Locks® can make an elastic free ponytail that will keep your hair out of the way as it dries.

When washing hair, try to just scrub the scalp, I smear the suds down to the ends, and let the water pressure from the shower remove the dirt as it rinses. Hair can be very delicate, especially with thyroid problems. The less hair gets shuffled, the less it tangles. Letting hair rinse without scrubbing the ends near the scalp will be still clean the hair sufficiently. Dry hair should be washed less often.

If hair is naturally curly, keeping it rolled up when slightly damp will control the fizziness and make hair look much more relaxed while it dries. The way hair looks after wearing Holdi-Locks® is like when using hot rollers. No need to fill your hair full of rollers. Just go out with a great looking bun, your hair is being set, yet it looks wonderful. Get out more, don't be stuck wearing bad looking curlers in bed or for hours in the house. Holdi-Locks® comes out tangle free, unlike ordinary rollers.


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